About us

Siddharth Village Eco & Tribal tourism, provides you with the advantage of seeing Orissa and its tribals with a group of people who have been with them for 20 years – US. We recognize the intricacies of their lives and are glad to see you benefit from our rich experience. 

Who we are & what we believe

Founded in 1986 & established in different parts of India , Siddharth Villages have been working towards global neighbourhood, ecological balance & individual & community empowerment through AIRCOD & it’s sister organizations. People from different countries & various states of India , have been visiting Siddharth Villages for individual, orgnisation & community development / transformation trainings. Our work with the tribal people of Orissa has led to the formation of a network of 2,00,000 tribal people. 

Why is Eco-tourism different with us

Unlike other tourist agencies, who only organise eco-tours, we live for Eco-balance & promoting inter -cultural exchange.

  • You will EXPERIENCE complete eco-friendly living.
  • You will be learning the art of eco-balance from the age-old workshippers of nature – the tribal people.
  • You will be exposed to the intricacies of local ecology & tribal culture which will make your travel, an experience of a life time & your contribution to the local people & local economy is enormous when you travel with us because 35% of profit will support the tribal women’s network – ONS (Orissa Nari Samaj)

What we do

  • Practicing & Advocating Eco-Farming.
  • Promoting indigenous culture & medicine.
  • Conduct 'Avishkar-Individual and organization transformation' courses for diverse groups.
  • Conduct workshops on 'Eco-friendly living' in schools and colleges.
  • Trainings for network of tribal people.
  • Contribute to conflict transformation in SAARC countries.
  • Host SOHAM & VIPASSANA meditation course.

And of course, we organize eco-tours for you.... Contact us now